Saturday, April 19, 2008

Now that didn't last we all knew it wouldn't!

Busy week this week and didn't get much of a chance to keep everyone up to date.

The rugby season is coming to a close this weekend which means things actually start getting even busier for that all the stupid playing is out of the way...we can get down to the really good

So it will be Off Season programs for the next couple of months. Sorting out injuries and getting bodies back in one piece...then really getting stuck into training.

I'm going to pick a few people as I said to highlight as examples and perhaps explain in a bit more detail the how's and why's of what they're doing.

JM completed his 1st week of training this week...he did well and I'm betting that this morning he's pretty happy that he has not got to start week 2 till Monday night.

He's doing a Heavy or Max Effort session on Mondays that goes something like this:

Warm Up + Mobility Work

Chins 102
1A Chest Supported Rows 58
1B Push Ups (elevated) 58
Bridging (secs) 360
Chins 101
Lying Tricep Extensions 58
Cardio - 10km/Level 5

Then on Tuesday:

Warm Up + Mobility Work

DB Floor Press 6 5
1A Inverted Rows 3 8
1B Push Ups 3 8
Side Bridging 6 30
Incline Bench Press 5 8
Cable Bicep Curls 3 8
Cardio - 10km/Level 5

On the Wednesday he is going to come in and do 20km on the bike then do extra prehab and trunk work...then I'll probably have him do another 10km on the bike.

Thursdays as follows:

Warm Up Mobility

1A Pulldowns 58
1B T-Push Ups 58
DB Row 38
Back Extensions 312
Band Assited Chins 105
Cardio - 10km/Level 5

and finally on Fridays:

Warm Up + Mobility Work

Bench - 3 board 102
Bent Over Rows 58
Close Grip Pulldowns 38
Torque Press 48
DB Hammer Curls 38
Cardio - 10km/Level 5

Then a whole 2 days off and we start all over again...the program is modified on the fly as well because I have really stopped programming for people I don't coach anymore which means less money...but also less stress and hassle....but above is his basic template for the next 3 weeks.

He's waiting for surgery on a knee injury...his fitness testing results were as follows:

Height: 182cm
Weight: 116.4kg
Bodyfat: 29.4%
1RM Bench: 150kg
Pull Ups: 2reps
Push Ups: 45
Inverted Rows:21

So....he going to drop some fat....I want him back down to 20% reasonably sharpish while we bring up his strength...impossible you might say...well....we'll see.

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